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Penetration Testing

Malicious software is evolving and increasing the risk we all face.


With the capabilities malicious actors have access to, automated scanning tools are no longer good enough.

Web Application Assessments

RMG offers web application pentesting to help organizations secure web applications and protect against cyber threats. This involves simulating an attack on the web application to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, providing a detailed report with recommendations for remediation.

Cloud Assessments

RMG is a proud partner of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) with the status of Trusted Cloud Consultant, a leading organisation dedicated to promoting the use of best practices for securing cloud computing. As a partner, RMG offers comprehensive cloud penetration testing, compliance assessments and strategies to help our clients identify and mitigate security risks in their cloud environment.

Infrastructure Assessments

RMG offers comprehensive infrastructure testing to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in client networks, that support their critical applications and systems enhancing overall security. With experienced security experts using advanced tools and techniques, RMG provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation's security posture.

Enterprise Black Box Testing

RMG provides end to end enterprise-level black box penetration testing services to help our clients identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in their systems and networks across their entire landscape. The black box approach simulates real-world attacks and provides a comprehensive evaluation of the client's security posture.

Auditing and Cyber Assurance

RMG is well versed in auditing and assurance across a range of standards.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification scheme that provides a clear statement of the basic controls all organisations should implement to mitigate the risk from common Cyber attacks. We can help you achieve this, or we can assess you against this to award certification.

IASME Level 1 & 2

By offering IASME certification Level 1 self-assessment we verify what controls you have in place, but we go one step further and offer Level 2, one of our skilled team will attend your site and verify those controls. RMG is helping its clients to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and to gain recognition for their efforts.

ISO 27001 Implementation

With our team of dedicated ISO 27001 implementors, we take the strain on implementing an Information Security Management System so our clients can be confident that their sensitive information is secure and their risk of a successful cyber attack is greatly reduced. Get ISO27001 ready now!

ISO 9001 Implementation

With an ISO 9001 Implementation, Quality can’t go wrong. Our clients can have confidence that their processes are efficient, effective, and meet the highest standards for quality. Lets improve together.

NCSC Guidelines

With NCSC guidelines increasing, we can bring you up to date with the latest recommendations, our clients can be confident that they are taking the necessary steps to secure their systems and sensitive information, and to comply with the latest UK government recommendations.

NIST Assurance

NIST is a Globally accepted standard, our expert NIST consultants provide guidance and implementation of the standards core framework, clients can be confident that they are taking the necessary steps to secure their systems and sensitive information, and to comply with the latest US government recommendations.

Enterprise Architecture

Your organisation is a living entity, it should operate as one organism to match your growth and your business needs. RMG has both TOGAF and BCS accredited experts in EA. Let’s get your business using a methodology for designing, planning, implementing, and governing enterprise information technology (IT) systems.

Supply Chain Mapping

Supply chain mapping allows you to put strategies in place to rapidly react when there are supply chain problems. You also develop a deeper understanding of the surrounding costs, timeframes, and risks, and thereby gain an advantage over competitors who lack this important knowledge.

Cybersecurity Services

We have a wide range of experience across all UK sectors



RMG offers tailored cyber security solutions and advice for the private sector, helping organisations in various industries assess and improve their cybersecurity posture, mitigate risks, and meet regulatory requirements. We have worked with FCA regulated, food, travel and retail industries.



RMG offers a range of cyber security solutions to meet the unique security needs of the UK's public sector, helping government organisations secure their critical assets and meet various regulatory requirements. Our work has helped sectors such as Central Government, Nuclear, Health, and Policing to name a few.



With a background in defence our team offers specialised cyber security and IT solutions to meet the high-security requirements of the UK's Defence organisations, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and critical assets in the face of advanced and evolving cyber threats. We have worked in varied elements of Defence.

All In One Solution

Our experts can provide the full suite of cyber security services to ensure you're best equipped to deal with external and internal threats.

Enterprise Mapping

Assurance Assessment: The first phase involves conducting a thorough assessment of the organisation's current security posture, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and making recommendations for improvement. We also identify your critical assets and systems with their risks to understand the landscape.


Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing: The second Phase involves conducting a penetration test against the organisation's network to simulate a real-world attack and identify any vulnerabilities.


Ongoing Training and Table-Top exercises

Ongoing Training: The final phase involves ongoing training and support to ensure that the organisation has the knowledge and resources it needs to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. This includes regular assessments and updates to security policies and procedures, as well as access to a dedicated team of experts.

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