Cloud Security

Cloud and Data Asset Management

Utilising our suite of COTS and bespoke software, RMG can help you map your cloud infrastructure and data assets to ensure security coverage and an inventory of all assets is held.

Cloud Training

RMG goes above and beyond the traditional Cloud Training offered by other organisations. We can train individuals and organisations to complete required certifications, but we also offer bolt ons to ensure you're equipped with real world experience to tackle issues we've come across working within the industry.

Cloud Migration & Adoption

Utilse RMG's experience of migrating physical and virtual assets to the cloud. We walk you through every step of the way, from the initial planning phases through to the final migration of data with the help of our automation platforms and staff with up to date real world industry experience.

Cloud Governance

RMG is the UK's first Trusted Cloud Consultants, working in partnership with the Cloud Security Alliance where we have written the policy and guidance used by the large Cloud platforms. Our experienced assurance and governance team can assess your cloud infrastructure to ensure you comply with the most up-to-date frameworks and security controls.

Cloud Risk Management

Risk Management has largely become a 'tick-box exercise' used to fulfill an organisational requirement. Implementing a robust, structured Cloud Risk Management framework with the help of RMG can add value by analysing the risks to the financial, privacy, compliance, security, performance and quality aspect of your organisation.

Cloud Automation

Utilising the cloud allows organisations to scale rapidly, however this can increase the cost of development and IT teams, infrastructure deployment and monitoring. Utilising reliable, robust automation helps organisations save time, complete tasks faster and at scale and lower the risk of errors. RMG is well versed in rolling out automation across a range of Cloud Technologies to ensure you scale rapidly at reduced costs.

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