Risk Management

Supply Chain Assurance

Assure your supply chain by understanding the risks, establishing control, checking your arrangements and implementing continuous improvement checks. RMG will help you gain and maintain control of your supply chain.

Risk Assessment Guidance

Every organisation has to make difficult decisions around how much time and money to spend protecting their technology and services, leading to 'tick-box' risk assessments and overconfidence in how well risks are managed. RMG can help implement risk-assessment processes that fit your organisation.

Threat Profiling

Threat profiles help understand the threats your organisation faces and the environmental parameters that may affect your susceptibility to cyber attacks. With an understanding of your organisations threat profile we can help devise a set of defensive procedures.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a methodology that goes beyond the standard risk assessement practices by not only identifying and preparing for hazards to an organisations finances, operations and objectives, but also mandating aspects if the business engage or disengage from particular activities.

Business Continuity

Ensuring your organisation can remain functional during major disruption is often something not planned for until it's too late. RMG can help implement a set of pre-defined plans and utilise our experience of running table-top exercises to ensure you can weather the storm.

Disaster Recovery

Where Business Continuity aims to temporarily address incidents to maintain critical business functions until disruptions are over, Disaster Recovery focuses on restoring the organisation to pre-failure states as quickly as possible. RMG can help ensure you get your organisation back on its feet as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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