Penetration Testing

External Penetration Testing

Exploiting our highly skilled team of former HMG and military offensive security experts with a wealth of experience, we provide clients with a comprehensive evaluation of their external network defences and model what an attacker can find in Open Source Intelligence.

Internal Penetration Testing

Experienced in Black, White and everything in-between, we work with you to provide a pentesting scope to test exactly what you need. Want to simulate exactly what an attacker would do to your network based on your threat profile? RMG has you covered.

Web Application Testing

Utilising a team dedicated to keeping up with the rapidly changing web technology domain, we are experts in finding and helping to patch holes in websites and web hosted applications. Don't allow your customers' front end to continue to be yet another easy target.

Vulnerability Scanning

RMG offer vulnerability scanning services that go above and beyond the scanning software and techniques traditionally employed by companies. We not only highlight vulnerabilities, but combine it with context specific to your business so you're aware of the full impact.

SOC & Purple Team Testing

Working with your network defence team, we can highlight areas of improvement in your SIEM and network detection capabilities. We conduct tabletop exercises to empower and build confidence that your team have the skills to defend against malicious actors.

Cloud Security Assessments

RMG houses a team of testers with a wide range of qualifications across the major cloud platform providers. Our combined knowledge of implementing cloud platforms and network penetration testing allows us to not only find your vulnerabilities, but provide in-depth guidance on how to patch it.

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