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CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

Are your devs having issues with your software testing and release cycles? Lack of expertise, poor training and misunderstanding on how to use CI/CD pipeline tools can hamper the roll-out of mission critical systems. RMG can help implement and streamline your CI/CD pipeline, fitting your needs around any exisiting requirements or software.


DevSecOps is a management lifecycle approach that combines application planning, delivery and monitoring approaches into a single framework. Gone are the days where implementing security is an afterthought in Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC), implementing DevSecOps practices into the workplace focuses on the security and speed your software teams can get products to market.

Automation Tooling

RMG has a wealth of experience in designing and developing team based solutions that work consistently and rapidly across many different technologies. We can analyse your exisiting tech stack, policies and procedures and identify ways to automate tasks that allow teams to focus on higher value initiatives

Website Development

A website is a customers front end to understanding your organisations values, services and products. RMG has the capability to understand what it important to your organisation and develop a bespoke web application. We can also assess your website security and change outdated components and areas of vulnerability.

Bespoke Dashboard Development

Having difficulties with your tech team unable to get messages across to your management team? Logging into multiple pieces of software to complete a single task? RMG can help by developing dashboards to unify and display data critical to your organisation in a single, easy to use place.

Bespoke Windows Applications

The RMG Software Development Team has experience developing and deploying bespoke Windows applications for HMG, MOD and private sector customers. If you have a requirement that currently does not exist and is required for a project or day to day running of your organisation, talk to RMG.

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