RMG Services

Penetration Testing

Exploiting our highly skilled team of former HMG and military offensive security experts with a wealth of experience, we provide clients with a comprehensive evaluation of their security posture from threats both internal and external.

Auditing & Assurance

Our team of auditors with background in professional services and former GRC consultants provide auditing & assurance services to help clients achieve higher levels of transparency, accountability, and confidence in their operations.

Cybersecurity Training

CompTIA, Secure Coding, Staff Awareness and more, we offer cybersecurity training programs to educate and empower individuals and across our clients staff to effectively defend against cyber threats and attacks. People are your first line of defence and your first responders.

Risk Management

Utilising our experience of analysing and managing risk across a breadth of organisations, we can ensure your risks are understood, mapped, and mitigated. Let us help you understand what really matters, including your supply chain.

Cloud Security

Our team of experts has reached a level globally recognised as a Trusted Cloud Consultant for cloud services, so you can trust us to offer comprehensive cloud security solutions to ensure the protection and privacy of sensitive data and information stored in the cloud.

Software Development

Development, CI/CD, Rapid Integration, deployments or migrations of custom applications, we have you covered, our developers provide customised software development services to meet specific business needs and requirements with tailored and innovative solutions.

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